Relaxation Massage

($110.00 / one hour treatment)

Massage feels great! It helps one to relax and revitalize. It improves one’s energy level and enhances the body and mind’s ability to handle stress by reducing mental and physical fatigue and tension.

Massage can promote a restful sleep which helps the body heal and renews emotional and physical reserves.

Pre/Post Natal Massage

($110.00 / one hour treatment)

Being pregnant is an amazing journey … a time of many physical and psychological changes, and time to nurture and care for oneself. Some changes are wonderful, while others can leave mom feeling quite uncomfortable. During these transitions, massage therapy can help to ease bodily discomforts and lessen any anxiety or stress associated with pregnancy.

After a baby’s birth, a new mom may feel emotionally and physically overwhelmed by the shifts in lifestyle as well as the tremendous shifts that happen hormonally. Physically, the body is trying to recover from a process that took nine months to create, and a new mom may have to deal with headaches, back aches, and neck and shoulder tension from carrying newborns.

Some of the benefits of regular massage are:

  • reduce fear and anxiety associated with pregnancy and the birth process
  • reduce labor time and complications
  • decrease low back, pelvis, and hip pain due to pressure from the growing baby
  • reduce swelling in feet, legs, hands and arms
  • decrease indigestion and heartburn
  • decrease of muscle tension in neck and shoulders from altered posture
  • increase mother’s energy levels
  • increase uterine blood supply to enhance fetal health and development
  • enhance mother’s immune system function