CranioSacral Therapy

($110.00 / one hour treatment)

CranioSacral therapy is a hands-on approach using soft touch to evaluate and then release restrictions in the craniosacral system – this system consists of the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. CranioSacral therapy also addresses connective tissue in the body specifically the dura that surrounds the brain and spinal cord (or central nervous system). All the cranial nerves and spinal nerves must exit through the dura and thus restrictions in the dura can affect their function. That is why craniosacral therapy can have a wide range of influences – affecting the balance and function of the majority of the systems in the body.

In addition, craniosacral therapy can address any connective tissue in the body and can treat dysfunctions in the fascia which wraps around all muscles, organs, nerves, and holds everything in place in the body.

The benefits of craniosacral therapy are extensive – it creates a relaxed state and promotes health and wellness. It can increase energy levels, reduce pain and can be used to treat a number of conditions including:

  • headaches
  • muscular aches and sprains -chronic or acute including whiplash injury
  • colic
  • traumatic brain and spinal injuries
  • spinal curvatures
  • chronic fatigue
  • emotional difficulties
  • stress and tension-related problems
  • connective tissue disorders such as fibromyalgia
  • temporomandibular joint syndrome
  • immune disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • reintegration after accidents or strokes
  • post-operative integration
  • arthritis and other bone/joint disorders
  • breathing disorders such as asthma, bronchitis
  • birth trauma and pre/post natal problems
  • cancer
  • insomnia and exhaustion
  • sinusitis
  • digestive problems
  • hormonal imbalances, menstral pain and PMS
  • hyperactivity
  • tinnitus and middle ear problems
  • visual disturbances
  • post dental trauma
  • neuralgia
  • learning disabilities
  • infantile disorders



SomatoEmotional Release

($110.00 / one hour treatment)

During a CranioSacral session, you may experience a SomatoEmotional Release (SER). The concept of SER is based on the idea that our tissue can retain memories of physical trauma or unresolved emotions. These memories cause a restriction in our body that can result in various dysfunctions. SomatoEmotional Release is a therapeutic process in which the bodymind releases the residual effects of past injuries, tensions and emotions associated with negative experiences. During this process, the client often re-experiences the original events that caused their physical or emotional pain. The end result is a release of restrictions, improved functioning and a sense of resolution and peace around the original event.

CranioSacral therapy and SomatoEmotional Release are client-led. Your body sets the pace for the work. The facilitator/therapist follows your body’s healing wisdom using therapeutic presence and deeply bounded contact to listen to your body as it changes and restructures itself. This process may be silent or facilitated by guided dialogue and reflective imagery.