CranioSacral Therapy One Day Intensive Workshop

An Exciting Opportunity

CranioSacral Therapy One Day Intensive

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Join Janet Ferguson and Gerri Aiudi for one day of multi hands sessions…

  • refine your dialoguing skills
  • review your techniques
  • get some of your own issues addressed

This is a one day training for craniosacral therapists with the minimum of SER1. You will have an opportunity to work with other therapists in mutihands sessions supervised by two cranial therapists both with 20 years experience. This is a day of questions, answers, and an opportunity to process in a supportive environment.

Please bring a table, linens and snacks/lunch for the day.

Janet is an Upledger Diplomate certified practitioner, teaching assistant, study group leader, presenter and Techniques Certification examiner. Her full-time practice has been exclusively CranioSacral Therapy since reaching the Advanced level in 1998.

Gerri has been working in the massage and cranial field for over 20 years. She has trained extensively with The Upledger Institute and with a number of other osteopaths working in cranial manipulation.

Introductions, discussion followed by Multi Hands Sessions contact Gerri @ (780) 439-6705