Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy Workshop

Presented by Don Ash of The Craniosacral Therapy Alliance

CranioSacral Therapy Around Death and Dying

A 4 day class of craniosacral training in the use of somato-emotional expression and dialogue to facilitate the process of transition know as death, and the transitions of loss associated with divorce, job loss, loss of limb, etc. An in-depth look at what death means to you and how as a therapist, we can facilitate healthy change for the patient going through this biological process of loss.

"I came with an open mind and am leaving with an open heart. Who would have thought that a class focused on death would give courage and hope to life?"

Presented by Don Ash of The Craniosacral Therapy Alliance:

  • instructor both nationally and internationally
  • trained directly with Dr. John Upledger
  • over 25 years experience in Craniosacral therapy
  • physical therapist for 35 years
  • has authored 3 books and a CD