CranioSacral and Coaching

CranioSacral & Coaching

Make the change!

Your body is your companion for life. It is a physical storehouse of all your experiences, all your habits … from birth onward. All of it is registered in your body. My body-focused coaching package offers you an opportunity to explore the inner landscape of your being. It combines craniosacral therapy and somato-emotional release with coaching. Providing you with an opportunity to explore an issue, a habit, a behavior, and then move it forward into resolution.

Make the change from a limiting habit or behavior to whatever you desire.

Using coaching as an enhancement tool, we will work on insights discovered from your cranial table treatments to bring a deeper healing and awareness to your life.

Introductory Offer:

3 one hour cranial sessions & 2 hours of coaching for $400.00


Phase 1 » Craniosacral session No. 1
Phase 2 » 30* minutes of coaching (via phone)
Phase 3 » Craniosacral session No. 2
Phase 4 » 30* minutes of coaching (via phone)
Phase 5 » Craniosacral session No. 3
Phase 6 » 30* minutes of coaching (via phone)

* 30 minutes extra coaching either before the first treatment, after any sessions, or on scheduled calls.