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Get On Board for a 30 Day Challenge

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This is an invitation to all to make a heartfelt committment to your self and share your progress and challenges
in a loving, nonjudgemental environment that will support you and help you on your path to discover more of
who you are. This is an opportunity to get in touch with your inner wisdom, your Infinite Self, your power centre,
your goddess or god ... your divine-ness.

The vehicle I am suggesting for this journey is your own personal 30 day challenge and committment to
self ...30 days of meditation, 30 days of forgiveness ritual, 30 days off sugar, 30 days of running ... whatever
motivates you ... whatever is your growing edge and brings you closer to your true self. We will meet once a
week to share learnings, challenges and motivators in a safe, supportive circle which we will create together.

There will be a celebration of learnings at our last meeting.